How will your protect your hearing aids in coming summer

 How will your protect your hearing aids in coming summer



With summer just around the corner, how do you protect your hearing aid in the heat?


Hearing aids moisture-proof

On a hot summer's day, someone may notice a change in the sound of their hearing aids. This may be because:

People are easy to sweat in high temperature and sweat comes into the hearing aid inside, affecting the performance of the hearing aid.

In summer,  air conditioner will be opened indoor. If people come from the high temperature of outdoor to the low temperature of indoor, , the water vapor is easily generated in the sound tube and human ear canal because of the large temperature difference, affecting the sound conduction of hearing aids.


How can we do?

1.Keep your hearing aids dry daily and use a soft cotton cloth to clean sweat from the surface of your hearing aids.

2.When take off the hearing aids, put them in the drying box. It should be noted that if the drying cake or desiccant fades, it has failed and should be replaced in time.

3.Check the sound tube. If there is water in it, remove it and drain the liquid inside the tube with the help of cleaning tools.


Remember to remove your hearing aids before taking a shower, washing your hair, or swimming. After you finish, dry your ear canal until the moisture in the ear canal has dissipated before using your hearing aid.


Resist high temperature

Few electronic products can withstand the intense summer sun, prolonged exposure may also reduce the life of the case, overheating or rapid changes in temperature difference may also affect the internal components of hearing aids.


How can we do?


1 First of all, we should pay attention to the state of the hearing aid if we are outside for a long time in the high temperature , such as the surface temperature is too high, then it should be taken off in time, and placed in the place without direct sunlight.

2. When taking off the hearing aid, also choose sit on soft surface as far as possible (such as: bed, sofa, etc.), so as to avoid hearing aid falling on hard surface, and those hot ground or seat.

3. If there is sweat on the hands, also remember to dry the palms before operation.



Post time: Apr-17-2023