How to protect your hearing aids


As electronic products, the internal structure of the hearing aids is very precise. So protect the device against moisture is an important job in your daily life wearing hearing aids especially in the rainy season.

Due to the high humidity of the air in the rainy season, the humid air is easy to invade the inside of the product, causing mildew of the product structures, corrosion of the circuit board and other damage.As a result that the product can not work normally any more. There will be noise, distortion or low voice and so on.It may lead to the oxidation and corrosion of the main structure, and make the product can not work any more which will bring big loss to the patients with hearing loss.

So how can we prevent above conditions when the rainy season comes?

We can do as the following to protect our hearing aids and extend the service life of the product.

Firstly, when taking off the product before going to bed at night, you should wipe the appearance of the product , clean the sound hole with a small brush, and then put it in the drying device to dry.

Secondly, you must be sure to take out the battery in the product as soon as possible once the product is accidentally wet by rain. It means to cut off the power and prevent the chip burned by the short circuit .Then wipe the wet area and place the product in the dry device for drying. If the product still does not work properly after drying, it is necessary to repair it.
Thirdly,the product shoud be strictly prohibited from water. Please take off the hearing aids when taking a bath or washing your hair. After washing, please make the ear canal dry before wearing. Sweat should also be prevented from entering the hearing aids in summer.
Fourthly, please don’t put the product in strong sunlight or close to the fire baking once the product is invaded by moisture or water ,because the sun exposure will accelerate the aging of the product, closing to the fire baking will make the product shell deformation. Do not use the microwave oven to dehumidify the product. The product is an electronic product and the microwave oven will burn the chip of the product. Using a hair dryer or other dryer to bake the product can also cause the damage to hearing aids.

May be it is a tedious thing to keep the hearing aids far away from moisture.But it is important for hearing aids.Fortunately, we're launching a new waterproof product, will update you timely.


Post time: Dec-05-2022