How to protect our hearing


Do you know that the ear is a complex organ filled with important sensory cells that help us perceive hearing and help the brain process sound. The sensory cells can be damaged or die if they sense too loud sound. One problem is that they can't be revived. And that could mean permanent hearing damage. That's why hearing protection should be our top priority.

About hearing damage


There are two things are most likely to cause hearing loss: aging and noise. Everyone will be old, so there's not much we can do about it .But it's better to see a doctor in advance if we start to feel hearing loss as we age.

However, on the noise side, we can exert our subjective initiative! From awareness to change actions in real life to avoid damaging our hearing health.


Avoid damage to hearing health

Firstly, we need to realize that we are exposed to noise all the time. Traffic on our commute, the morning barking of our neighbor's dog, the sound of lawn mower in our neighborhood, etc. But whether the they are noises that harm our hearing health depends on the volume and duration of the sound .

Secondly, during the holiday, did you go to KTV with your friends and family? Like Such entertainment places, there will be potential risk of hearing damage if you stay so long time because the sound is noisy and continuous . Similarly, it is also suggested to reasonably control the use time and frequency of headphones in daily life, especially the in-ear headphones . Pay attention to not adjust the volume too high. A loud volume will cause more damage to the ears.

How can I protect my hearing?

Sometimes, we may be scared by the sudden noise. But we can make some preparations in advance if we know we are going to have a lot of noise before go to a place.For example, when we plan to go to a concert, to see New Year's fireworks, or to watch a ball game.

In most cases, a simple earplug can block destructive noise. If our ears are sensitive to earplugs, we can try noise-cancelling headphones or earmuffs. They are relatively large and comfortable. If possible, we should also consider taking a break from these activities to relax our ears sometimes, and choose a seat that is slightly away from the noise (on an airplane or at a concert).

You can use hearing aids if your really have a hearing loss.


Post time: Jan-09-2023