Don’t forget to wear hearing aids at home


As winter approaches and the epidemic continues to spread, many people are starting to work from home again. At this time, many hearing aid users will ask us such a question: "Hearing AIDS need to be worn every day?" "Do I not have to wear a hearing aid when I stay at home?" I believe that every hearing professional will reply: "Need to wear your hearing aid every day!" Hearing AIDS play an important role in life as a communication tool, which helps us live a better life.

Hearing aids help activate your brain
The ear is responsible for collecting sound information and transmitting it to the brain. The brain makes appropriate responses through these information. In order to let the brain to make accurate judgment and analysis continuously, the ear must transmit information to the brain always.
Even if you're home isolated or telecommuting, there are still jobs that involve communication and communication. Exposure to a variety of sounds is crucial to keeping your brain active and your communication.

Hearing aids “Keep you safe”
Hearing loss can cause you to be unable to hear or hear clear the sounds of life, such as a knock on the door, a gas alarm in the kitchen, or a car horn on the road. That can make you to be in danger without realizing it. Hearing aids will help people to hear the alarm in time and keep personal safety. Hearing loss also increases the risk of falls, which is very dangerous for old people with hearing loss.

Hearing aids help you connect the world
These days , hearing aids can do much more than amplify the sound. They can also help us maintain social connections with friends, family and colleagues. They can also connect to smartphones, tablets and TV, allowing users to keep up with the news and not miss anything.


Post time: Nov-16-2022